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10 Free Calendar 2021 vector

This calendar 2021 is free, you can download it to edit, because the design is in vectors. Or if you like the calendar design as is, you can download it to your computer to print. The calendar is divided into 12 months,

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Free Christmas Clipart Pack

Hi Friends, today we give you a selection of Pure SVG Vectors of Christmas cliparts. The pack contains 36 high-resolution SVG objects on transparent background to use on your Christmas design. Free for pe

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PureCSS Icons Sets

Hi Friends Check this great collection of PureCSS Icons Set that you can use in your webs. You can copy and paste from owr code editor (Press Editor). With Pure CSS and HTML you can create cool and fast icons,

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10 Great UI PopUp / Overlay Design Inspiration

Popup - Dailyui shadow pet overlay popup day16 dailyui Popup - Sundial Music History Popup - Touch ID and trackpad integration concept allowing individual app locking on your Mac Popup - Overlay-Modu

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+100 Completely FREE Premium Vector by Deposite

If you work in the creative field, then you know that the demand for visual content is growing. Sometimes you must be tactful and plan your visual marketing strategy in advance. With so many tasks and campaigns, I’

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Free Hotel Facilites Icon Pack

Icons are one of the resources that can be used in a web interface. To a greater or lesser extent, your website will have certain icons, perhaps they can only be located on the contact form or you can use them to highlig

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forticlient vpn download

This is why: protecting your business environment, and at the same time, allowing your employees to work safely from home, could be one of the wisest strategies. How do Forticlient and VPNs protect my company? In the wo


splitting js - Demo & Examples

Splitting.JS for splitting text, grids, images and more! creates elements and adds CSS variables to show amazing possibilities for text animating.   Basic Example <div data-splitting>ABC</

How to draw a line on photoshop

As we have mentioned, with Photoshop you can draw almost anything you want and this includes perfect straight lines. However it is remarkable that while the freehand drawing tool is really easy to use since you only have

animation background css

Web backgrounds are one of the most important aspects in the overall design and design of a website. Designers have been resorting to css animation to add more visual interest to the background of their website. These an

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20+ PureCSS Call-to-Action Animated Buttons for inspiration

A call to action  is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today". Having an effective call to action

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what is dynamic html

Dynamic HTML is an ex Styciting feature that allows for the dynamic presentation of web page formating. Web graphics and predesigned web interactions. Traditionally, conventional Web Page content was very difficult to m


CSS class vs id

Class and Id are two ways to describe HTML/XHTML basic elementes like <div>,<p>,<ul> A class selector is name preceded with (".") and ID selector preceded by ("#"). #selector { color: gre


Pure CSS Shapes

CSS3 is great, check how you can create variated geometric shapes, with only CSS code. The most powerfull is by after and before selectors.

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php resize image recursive

I write this script one day that I had the need to resize a huge amount of images that were inside several folders and I needed to maintain the original directory structure. As a solution I made a PHP command line script

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What is Call to Action

A Call to Action or CTA (also called a call to action) is a button or link located on our site that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page o

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CSS Forms Templates

CSS forms are an important part of any website, a good form will allow our website to have a high conversion rate. Today shared with you, this best CSS Forms templates for use in you site. Only press EDIT button to view


Material Design Web Form

Collection of free HTML and CSS Material Design form code examples: Great Examples of Lite Design, Contact Form, Login and Register UI for inspiration Material Design Form Inputs Responsive Material Design For

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Best json beautifier

Free resourses to convert your minified JSON code into human readable and understandable format. Json is an open-source file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects that consist of pairs of value-a


CSS first-child, last-child and nth-child in one Example

When we need access through a specific DOM element with CSS, these selectors may be useful :first-child The first-child pseudo selector matches the first element directly inside its containing element firts-child Usag

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Pure CSS Text Animation effects

Check this cool css3 text animations that you can use in your webs. HTML5 creative text animation that you can copy and paste from owr code editor. With Pure CSS and HTML you can create simil after effect text animation

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HTML code CSS Background Image Property

The background-image property defines the background image of an element. The background of an element is the total size of the element, this including padding and border. We will demonstrate its use through a series of

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Pure CSS Arrows

Curated Collection of free HTML and CSS arrow  source code examples: css arrow shape, triangle, line, buttons, animated CSS Triangle Shapes We can create simple triangular shapes with css using its border property

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More Popular CSS Reset

The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on. All browsers contain default styles, learn how to reset the styles i


15+ Pure CSS Image Hover Examples

Image Hover effect is mostly used in designs for improving styling and usability. Hover effects add extra info to websites and enhance the experience of the users. If you are a web designer and looking for some great PU

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Wordpress change url (mysql query)

I asked myself many times: Can you change your WordPress domain later? How do you change your website URL?. If you need change url site from you worpress site, and you have mysql cpanel access, the best way is run this S


AngularJS - Problem & Solutions

Update parent scope variable in angular app.controller('ctrlParent',function($scope){ $scope.parentprimitive = "someprimitive"; $scope.parentobj = {}; $scope.parentobj.parentproperty = "someproperty";


Best Dafont Fonts Selection

Dafont.com is Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. we want to show you a selection of the most used sources of this fabulous site dafont Top free f

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HTML Colors Name & Code

HTML Color Picker, hexadecimal codes for more representative HTML Colors. With flat design, design graphic materials and web colors sure to find the perfect combination of colors for your website or application. html co


cursor css pointers examples

The CSS property: cursor specifies the type of cursor that will be displayed when it is on an DOM element. Cursor Use example  <p style="cursor:hand">ELEMENT</p> Values Look Example defaul