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php resize image recursive

Wednesday 10th, Oct, 2018 | #PHP #Photographer

I write this script one day that I had the need to resize a huge amount of images that were inside several folders and I needed to maintain the original directory structure. As a solution I made a PHP command line script that allows you to do it very quickly and effectively. It also applies a sharpen filter to the edges of the image so that it looks better in thumbnails

PHP Script with imagecopyresampled GD


#USAGE: Command LINE
# php JopsConvertedPHP.php folder_origen folder_target size_pixel filter_for_exclude
# php JopsConvertedPHP.php c:\pics c:\lowpics 500 jpg


echo $filtro;


function copy_recursively($from_dir, $to_dir, $regex) 
{	echo "\n\nDir:".$from_dir. "\n\n";
	$dh = opendir($from_dir);
	while ($entry = readdir($dh))
		if ($entry!= "." && $entry != ".."):
			$source = "$from_dir/$entry";
			$destination = "$to_dir/$entry";
				echo "\n\nDir:".$source. "\n\n";
				if(!file_exists($destination)) {mkdir($destination, 0700, true) or die('Fallo al crear carpetas...');}
				copy_recursively($source, $destination, $regex);
					print "Origen: $source\n";
					print "Destino: $destination\n";
						global $myMaxSide;
						$imgOut = resampledGD($source,$myMaxSide);
						imagejpeg($imgOut, $destination, 70);

					catch(Exception $e){
						print "Error en: $source\n";	

function resampledGD($imgUrl,$maxSide) {
$imagen_thumb = imagecreatefromjpeg($imgUrl);
$imgAncho = imagesx($imagen_thumb);
$imgAlto =imagesy($imagen_thumb);

	$ancho = $maxSide; 
	$alto =  round($imgAlto*$ancho/$imgAncho);
	$alto = $maxSide; 
	$ancho = round($imgAncho*$alto/$imgAlto);

$calidad = 80 ;	

$img = imagecreatetruecolor($ancho,$alto);
imagecopyresampled($img,$imagen_thumb,0,0,0,0, $ancho,$alto,$imgAncho,$imgAlto);
imagefilter($img,  IMG_FILTER_SMOOTH, -24);  
#With -24 you can add sharpen
return $img;	

Image sharpening diference

no sharpen No Sharpen
no sharpenSharpen