How to draw a line on photoshop

Sunday 24th, May, 2020 |

As we have mentioned, with Photoshop you can draw almost anything you want and this includes perfect straight lines. However it is remarkable that while the freehand drawing tool is really easy to use since you only have to make use of the Brush function.

However, drawing straight and perfect lines in Photoshop is not as intuitive and therefore many users believe that it is impossible to draw them or think that it is necessary to install a plugin or third party program.

Nothing is further from the truth, in Photoshop you can draw perfect straight lines since the program incorporates this tool by default and without the need to install auxiliary software or plugins.

Having said that, we show you step by step how to draw perfect straight lines in Photoshop in an easy and fast way:

How to create or draw perfect red lines in Photoshop Open the Photoshop program and create a new document or open an image directly.

Once you have the background to draw on in the Photoshop program interface you must select the Brush tool.

Once the brush is selected, you must select the size of the brush as this will correspond to the thickness of the line you want to draw.

After selecting the thickness, everything will be ready to draw the perfect straight lines. Depending on the type of straight line you want to draw, you will have to draw it one way or another.

Perfect straight lines at 90 degrees (up, right, down or left): click and hold the left mouse button on the point where you want the line to start. Then press and hold down the shift key. Without releasing the left mouse button, move the brush to the point where you want the perfect straight line to be drawn. Finally release the mouse button and the keyboard key to see how the straight line is drawn. As we have said this method only works for drawing 4 lines up, down, right or left.

Perfect straight lines in any direction: Left click on the point where you want the straight line to start. Now press and hold down the Shift key and without releasing it left click on the point where you want the straight line to end. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish and it will join the different points marked. After releasing the Shift key, the brush will behave in a regular way. The advantage of this way of painting perfect lines is that it has no restrictions and therefore can be drawn with any angle or direction.