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Thursday 16th, Jul, 2020 | #Security


This is why: protecting your business environment, and at the same time, allowing your employees to work safely from home, could be one of the wisest strategies. How do Forticlient and VPNs protect my company?

In the world of digital mobility, businesses increasingly need secure remote connections. VPNs mitigate the threats that arise from this need, enabling mobility, security and availability of information.

When choosing an endpoint protection solution there are many variables: price, reliability, usability, comprehensive protection, etc. Some of these aspects, which are often overlooked, are often very important when choosing the right solution.


What is a VPN solution?

The simplest way to define it is as a secure tunnel between your computer and the websites you visit. This way, the only person who knows your web browsing record is you.

This means that, if you are in a cafe, airport, or any kind of public wifi, hackers will not be able to spy on your information, or any other information you visit on the net.

Suppose you're at the airport, and you've just arrived at an important meeting in another city, but all your information is at your company's headquarters. A VPN allows you to connect via the Airport's WiFi, securely, to your office information. All this, without a hacker located in the airport network seeing your credentials.


Why use a VPN?

Privacy. Yeah, it's that simple. In the digital and BYOD era, secure connections are critical to a company's protection.

The ability to remotely connect to your company's information allows you and your employees to work from anywhere with the Internet. This opens up a world of opportunity for expansion and peace of mind for your business.

There are so many VPN and endpoint protection programs out there today, it's hard to choose one. The most practical and common criteria for choosing are usually the size of the company, the way of implementation and behavior analysis. However, the most important, not always taken into account, is the integration with technologies that the company already has implemented.

What is FortiClient VPN?

FortiClient is the next generation of endpoint protection that many of our customers use as a VPN connection solution. This, because this application provides a complete protection through different features:

It integrates next generation protection technologies. It facilitates the visibility of the entire network, by means of the Security Fabric, which allows the early detection of threats. Allows to control the software and hardware inventory in all protected stations. Identifies when stations are vulnerable or represent a risk to network security. Recognizes security violation events before they happen, such as zero day malware or botnet detection. All vulnerabilities are reported in real time