Simple HTML5 file uploader with jquery filer plugin

Friday 06th, Jan, 2017 | #HTML 5 #Plugins

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jQuery.filer is a Simple HTML5 file uploader plugin tool for jQuery which change completely file input and make it with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, different validations, thumbnails, icons, instant upload, print-screen upload and many other features and options.

We've created an input and activated partial all jquery.filer features on this demo to show for what this script is actually used for and it's power. In this example we've deactivate all file validators and used drag&drop, instantly file upload, file preview, clipboard image paste, customized input and thumbs templates, custom theme features to create a good playground for you. You can also take a look in your browser console to see the server response after uploading a files.

Sample Usage htm5 file upload

$("#file_input").filer( Obj );