Greenery pantone Color of de Year 2017

Wednesday 18th, Jan, 2017 | #Inspiration

Greenery is a refreshing and revitalizing tone that symbolizes new beginnings.
Greenery is a sparkling, fresh, yellow-green hue that evokes the early days of spring, when the greens of nature revive, renew and recover. Reminiscent of lush vegetation and the exuberance of nature, the invigorating features of Greenery invite consumers to take deep breaths, oxygenate and revitalize themselves.
Greenery is the neutral color of nature. The more people are immersed in modern life, the greater is their innate desire to be infected with the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This trend is reflected by the proliferation of the expressive force of Greenery in all aspects of our daily life, and we see it in urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design options around the world. Greenery has always been on the periphery, but now it comes to the fore, and it is already a ubiquitous tone throughout the world. Greenery is a comforting and representative tone of the pursuit of vitality and personal passions.
What is PANTONE Color of the Year?
A symbolic selection of colors; A color photograph of what passes before our eyes in our global culture that serves as an expression of a state of mind and attitude.