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cursor css pointers examples

Wednesday 13th, Jun, 2018 | #CSS2 / CSS3 #CSS #UI

The CSS property: cursor specifies the type of cursor that will be displayed when it is on an DOM element.

Cursor Use example  <p style="cursor:hand">ELEMENT</p>

Values Look Example
default DEMO HOVER cursor:default
crosshair DEMO HOVER cursor:crosshair
hand DEMO HOVER cursor:hand
pointer DEMO HOVER cursor:pointer
Cross browser DEMO HOVER cursor:pointer;cursor:hand
move DEMO HOVER cursor:move
text DEMO HOVER cursor:text
wait DEMO HOVER cursor:wait
help DEMO HOVER cursor:help
n-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:n-resize
ne-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:ne-resize
e-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:e-resize
se-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:se-resize
s-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:s-resize
sw-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:sw-resize
w-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:w-resize
nw-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:nw-resize
progress DEMO HOVER cursor:progress
not-allowed DEMO HOVER cursor:not-allowed
no-drop DEMO HOVER cursor:no-drop
vertical-text DEMO HOVER cursor:vertical-text
all-scroll DEMO HOVER cursor:all-scroll
col-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:col-resize
row-resize DEMO HOVER cursor:row-resize
cursor:url(uri) DEMO HOVER cursor:url(uri)