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what is dynamic html

Saturday 08th, Dec, 2018 | #HTML 5

Dynamic HTML is an ex Styciting feature that allows for the dynamic presentation of web page formating. Web graphics and predesigned web interactions.

Traditionally, conventional Web Page content was very difficult to manage. There was very little control over the presentation of text layout. Web designers were forced to change the layout or appearance of a web page througt time-consuming procedures.

For example, the tags <H1> is called Header 1. This header has specific size, font and other display characteristics. If web designers wanted some text to be slightly different, they would have to change the <H1> "style" by specifying every characteristic and attribute with every occurrence. With the use of a style sheet, you can specify what the styles are going to be for the whole document or web site all at once. This saves a significant amount of time.

When a browser reads a style sheet tag, it looks for an interprestation of the tag in the style sheet definition. Style sheets are defined in HTML at the top of each page.  These definitions tell the browser how to present each element  so that it display according to the designer's need.

Another disavantage of a conventional Web Page is that you cannot place objects anywhere you want. Text and objects positioning was relative and poportional- not absolute. Web designers where forced to use tables to format the layout of the web page to specify where text was to be placed. Not only was this time consuming it also created very slow load time for the was displayed.