animation background css

Monday 03th, Jun, 2019 | #Backgrounds #Animation #CSS2 / CSS3

Web backgrounds are one of the most important aspects in the overall design and design of a website. Designers have been resorting to css animation to add more visual interest to the background of their website. These animated backgrounds are excellent when used as a site introduction, functional navigation elements and other creative ways of attracting interest and attracting users. So if you desperately need some inspiration for a site background che this cool background animations.

Animated web page background

See the Pen tqdmv by Anand Davaasuren (@at80) on CodePen.

Html SVG background animation

See the Pen SVG background + css animation by alyen (@alyen) on CodePen.

Infinite animation

See the Pen Infinite SVG Triangle Fusion by Rob DiMarzo (@robdimarzo) on CodePen.

Sliding Diagonals Background Effect

See the Pen Sliding Diagonals Background Effect by Chris Smith (@chris22smith) on CodePen.