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What is Call to Action

Monday 01th, Oct, 2018 | #HTML 5 #UI #Free Website Templates #Inspiration

A Call to Action or CTA (also called a call to action) is a button or link located on our site that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page or landing page.

Landing page call to action best practices

Your CTAs should look like buttons

Choose clear language that indicates what you want your customer to do (encourages action)

Color psychology and constrast

Call to Action Email and ecommerce call to action examples

When you create an email marketing campaign, or an Ecommerce product / service page one of the most important components is the call to action or CTA. A call to action attract a subscriber’s attention and encourages him or her to act.

Check this Call to action examples make with our call to action button generator

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